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Writing is a crucial part of our life, it is very important for writing emails, writing books, writing invitations and the better you are at writing the better Is your impression. Writing helps in expressing your thoughts, it makes you calm, it makes many people proud of you, and they even will look after you for some problems, and make them more proud If you solve them. Hi my name is Shivank and in this blog you are going to read many tips about writing.

Do you always struggle to write, or u maybe don’t get words that make you look like a professional writer, or maybe there are spelling, grammar or any other mistake? Well, you should read this blog carefully. This Blog will improve your writing skills and a lot more.

The major reason for not being able to write is that you don’t focus, while writing remove all the distractions which are around you, and if you think you still can’t write then probably you are not in the mood, to be motivated listen to motivational music that would perhaps help you.

Be happy with what you write and follow al the steps and you will be shocked with your progress.

Here are some Tips:

1. Write Daily

2. Write in the Morning

3. Always have a copy and Pen

4. Research before you write

5. Read A book every day

6. Choose a new topic to write on

7. Choose new thing to write

8. Use figures of speech

9. Write with a goal

10. Write while listening music

11. Good handwriting

12. Write with a gel pen

13. Write on a notebook

14. Remove all the distractions around you

15. Take tiny breaks while writing big pieces

1) Write Daily

Writing Daily improves your writing, as it increases your experience of writing. There a saying, “Practice makes a man perfect.” You get to know what are your mistakes and you stop making those mistakes again and again.

2) Write in the morning

When you wake up your mind is fresh, without any stress, and when your mind is fresh you get better thoughts. When you wake up you completely think about your dreams, sometimes you think about the thought which is really in you, write about whatever comes to your mind when you wake up that would make you have interest and you will even be able to write lots of things on that topic.

3) Always Have a copy and pen

Your mind of thoughts can wake up anytime, and inspiration can touch you anytime too, so to quickly write the ideas have a copy and pen to quickly write them down. Example you are walking by a street and you see a child reading from the moonlight just because he doesn’t have electricity. So maybe you think of a motivational story about not to waste electricity or for donation etc.

4) Research Before you write

Researching gives you more information and even enhances your old thoughts. It would not be called cheating unless you are copy pasting all the information and not even understanding. If you copy paste you are cheating on yourself because you are the one who will gain knowledge from writing not your dad or mom, and by copy pasting you will always have that guilty feeling inside you if that writing goes viral, if it goes viral, the person from whom you copy pasted could even put a case on you. :)

5) Read a book every day

As you read your vocabulary gets better and so does your grammar, and most of the time when you read you should have a dictionary handy because if there is any word that you don’t know the meaning of, then you can quickly check it in your dictionary. But before checking you must try to figure the meaning on your own from the flow of the text, but if you try and still don’t understand or you think you are not correct, then you can check the dictionary.

6) Choose a new topic to write

If there is a diversity of topics then your flexibility of being able to write on anything would increase because we usually have specific ideas about something and then when you write the only idea/s is the one you thought of but when you choose a random and new topic then u come up with more and better ideas.

7) Choose new things to write every day

Write new things every day like:

Descriptive writing

Poem writing

Narrative writing

Blog writing


8) Use figures of speech

Using figures of speech makes the reader build up interest in the writing.

1.Simile- Simile is a figure of speech, in which we compare a quality and an object using “like” or “as” example: as cold as ice, as slow as a sloth, as clever as a fox.

2.Metaphor: Metaphor is a figure of speech which states a thing is another thing, example my friend is hungry dog, my dad is a brave lion.

3. Personifications: A figure of speech which gives life to non living things are called personifications, example: the grass dancing in the fresh breeze, the grinder shouting, the clouds crying etc.

4. Onomatopoeias: Words that resemble a sound, example: BOOM, Tik- Tok, Clank, Plop plop, etc

5. Hyperbole: A word or phrase which is used as an exaggeration. Example:- This work would take thousands of years, I drowning in my sweat, I am so hungry that I can eat the whole menu, U play all day long, etc

6. Alliteration: A phrase in which all the word’s first letter is the same, like: Mad monkeys meet my mom, they thought that trees talk, etc

7. Oxymoron: A phrase who’s words mean opposite to each other. Like: Suspiciously true, big baby, alone together, almost complete, act naturally, etc.


9) Write With a Goal

By setting a goal before you write u can finish your writing faster, you can be more attentive etc. when you have a goal, you get motivated as you come closer to your goal. Your Goal can be a specific number of words or a specific time till which you want to write.

10) Write with music

This is an option, because some people are comfortable while writing and some people are not. While you listen music and write you are most likely, not to break the flow of your writing. I suggest to play groovy music without lyrics, because when there are lyrics, perhaps you will start singing with it and focus on the music more than the writing. I prefer using Spotify.

11) Good hand writing

I am sure that most of us like good handwriting and those who don’t you better start liking it, cause you can even get extra marks in your exams for good handwriting! You can go too google and write handwriting and then go to images and then choose any one which is neat according to you if you are not sure if you should use that handwriting or not then you can ask your parents or maybe teachers.

12) Write with a gel pen

This one is too an optional one as some people are not comfortable with gel pens. Gel pens are very smooth and neat. If we use gel pens then we keep the flow of the writing and you feel royal if you use a fat one. Some times, if you like to write, you can even ask your parents to buy you a costly pen, that really pushes us to write as you always like expensive items and you want to use them as soon as possible and see you will automatically go on your study table and start writing. And I am sure u wont stop writing until you want to sleep.

13) Write on a notebook

Don’t write if you don’t have a proper RULED notebook, Because writing on a blank paper makes you feel unsatisfied as your line makes an arch and then you don’t like it and you dont really want to write. Sometimes when you are tired off writing, you can probably type, even if you have to present your writing, then too you can type.

14) Remove all the distractions around you

Removing all the distractions will be pretty good as when you have distractions around you then you get distracted and you brake the flow of your writing and then you never comeback to your table Which is not at all good, this can be solved if you sit away of all distractions or you remove the distractions from where you sit.

15) Take tiny breaks while writing big pieces

When you are starting to write something big, you think you will do it quickly, but when you do you go to bed after writing very less, so to organize that you should think of a time period, like half an hour, and then every half an hour you can take a break of 5-10 minutes in which you could do anything, like in school we have recess, coming closer to the point when you will have a break, your speed will increase too, and you would know that you are going to get a break so you wont think about finishing it much and concentrate more on the writing.

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